El Pintor

Marco Antonio Garcia

Marco is a self-taught artist who is rooted in his Mexican Culture and inspired by the detailed paintings of the Alebrije wooden mythical animals that were popularized in Mexico in the ’70s and ’80s, Ancient Mayan Art, and famous Mexican artists including Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo and Diego Rivera among many others.

Dia de Los Muertos which translates to Day of the Dead, a traditional Mexican holiday where people pay their respects to Loved ones who have passed is one of Marco’s favorite traditions because he believes it’s important to remember and celebrate with those who’ve passed, even though they may not be with us physically they are with us in the spirit.

Marco’s approach to making art sometimes begins with a randomly drawn line or shape and at times a subject from which he builds the rest of the composition keeping in mind the space to be utilized and trying not to over influence the art itself with the vast amount of visual media we have available today.

Marco believes that being influenced by other Artists and Artforms is a great way to become inspired as long as it doesn’t inhibit the artist’s own creative direction and becomes a crutch in the creative process. Marco also likes to create original art that can be made efficiently and affordable to the average person, which is why he likes to create small works of art on small canvases, cardboard, sheet metal, and sculptures as well as hand-cut paper art. Art is a way of showing our creator that we are here and it shows our appreciation for the life we’ve been given. I’m here, I’m alive and I’m OK.

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